Premium plastic for the manufacture of our fishing vinyls, with a built-in temperature stabilizer, it does not yellow when used and retains its properties very well when reused.


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Premium Plastisol for the manufacture of our fishing vinyls.

Premium formula for the manufacture of fishing lures, we have 3 types of hardness for different fishing lures Soft-Medium-Hard, they can be mixed with each other to achieve intermediate hardness, we can also add softeners or hardeners to play even more with density and plastisol properties and get our favorite hardness for each fishing vinyl.

Our plastisol does not generate bad odors, it can be reheated several times without losing its properties and it does not yellow easily after being reheated, it has added temperature stabilizers that help it maintain optimal properties for longer, it is valid for both manual injection, as for injection with injection machines, high quality castings can also be made in pouring molds, it does not contain phthalic or benzondicarboxylic acid.

Shake vigorously before each use.

For quantities greater than 25L contact the store to enjoy a better price.



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